January 29, 2006

Matt's Birthday

Just a reminder......we're planning to hold Matt's birthday on Sunday 2/12 @ noon. We'd love to see all. If you get a chance, please call or e-mail and confirm you're coming.

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January 24, 2006

More from Lynn

In what has become classic Mosmiller family-connecting tradition, I shall continue to post emails I receive from new folks onto the site.

So Andy, if your great uncle was Louis, Jr. then I guess that makes us great cousins... as my grandfather was Louis, Jr. and, actually Louis and Elizabeth's (who my sister is named for) daughter Hilda was my mother and the daughter listed as Josephine (who is actually Josephine Catherine) goes by the name Catherine.. her birthday is this Thursday the 26th. We left Md. in 1957 and had little if no contact with that side of the family. I remember Uncle Albert (Goldbach) and Aunt Anna who married Frank Engle and had twin boys... Doug and Hugh.. so nice to catch up.
Uncle Lou (who was the father of Michael Kent was married to Alice and they had 6 children, Joyce, Wayne, Kent, Gayle and twin girls (they were babies when we left).

Lynn :)

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January 23, 2006

Another Family Contact

The following was added as a comment by Lynn Merkle Vorsatz to an older thread, so I figured I'd get it in a more visible spot.

I was born in Baltimore in 1947. My mother was Hilda Mosmiller Merkle of Riviera Beach Md. My father was Erwin Merkle and my sister is Beth and brother is Dick. My mother's sister.. Catherine Creed lived in Sunset Beach along with her husband Herbert and their four children.. Melanie, Herbie, Darlene and David Creed. Wayne Mosmiller is my cousin along with Kent and Gayle and the twins (who I really never knew as we moved to Florida in 1957. We have not had contact since then.

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