March 28, 2005

Great Easter Gathering

As usual the big family Easter get-together was great. I think I have some egg-picking wounds on my hand from some overzealous youngsters, but I will survive to pick another day.

I added a recipe category to the main page here. It won't become visible until some recipes are actually posted, but you can choose it from the category list now when you post. I think it's a great idea to have family recipes up here. Anyone who wants to post a recipe, go ahead if you know how, or feel free to contact me if you don't. Don't forget the comprehensive help page too. I need to add a little something to it, but it takes you through the entire process up to the email notification part. To send email notifications to everyone for your post, scroll down the page after you save your post. You will see an option there that was previously not visible.

For anyone who took pictures today, contact me and send them so I can add them to the pool.

Happy Easter everybody!

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March 18, 2005

Skip & Carol's Owl Trip

Have you looked at the pictures that Skip took of our recent trip? We made daring trek to Toronto just before Valentine's Day to travel with an expert birding guide, Tom Hince, observing a rare (about once every 15-20 years) "invasion" of Great Gray Owls in the Ottawa area of Ontario.

It was cold, but we were properly outfitted with many layers of clothing and did great. Honestly, this was a trip of a lifetime and will not soon be forgotten. We saw 25 different Great Grays, who had moved south from the boreal forest because their only food source, the red-backed vole, had disappeared. In Ontario, they were eating mice, (we actually observed them catching and eating them.) Unbelievable! Thousands of these giants, the largest owls in North America, died of starvation, but others were eking out an existence and would probably be able to return to their northern homes. In addition to the Great Grays, we saw 6 other owl species, Boreal, Snowy, (wow, what a sight!), Long-eared, Short-eared, Northern Hawk Owls, and Barred.

In all, I was able to add 20 new bird species to my life list! (I was hoping to get 5 new birds.) The most spectacular was the Spruce Grouse, nestled in a spruce tree (what else?), eating the needles. What a sight!

It will be difficult to top this in birding trips, but, of course, we will try. It is wonderful to feel so close to nature and to appreciate all the more, the wondrous world that God has created.

See you all soon at Michael's.

Enjoy the pictures! Carol

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March 13, 2005

Craft fair

I am signed up for a table at the Chesapeake craft fair this coming Saturday, March 19th, but I need help manning the tables. I can't do it myself due to my health. If any of you would be willing to work at my table at any point from 9-3, (8:30 to set up probably, as tables must be ready by 8:45), I would be very appreciative.

I will have all the cards ready to go as well as order forms handy in case things get low, so I think things will be fairly easy to handle. I have a couple people helping out between certain times, but I would really like to have 2 there all the time if possible.


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