March 15, 2006

I Met the Second Radiation Oncologist

Today I had my appointment with Dr. Oh up at the Tate Center in Glen Burnie. After what appeared to be a sketchy beginning (the first nurse was not familiar with the names of any of my prior surgeries), everything straightened out nicely, and I plan to undergo my radiation treatments at this facility instead of at Hopkins. The difference between 15 minutes and an hour one-way in a car is pretty huge for me.

Dr. Oh also reinforced the radiation option over chemotherapy or observation, and declared a little hard area under the skin at the base of my abdomen to be nothing problematic. This doc has me slated for 25 sessions, so that means 5 weeks instead of 4. I still think tne shorter distance will help me more despite an extra week of treatment.

I go in tomorrow at 8:30 AM (ouch) to get my preliminary scans done so they will then know precisely where to radiate me. I expect to start actual radiation after another week and a half or so have passed, because I need to get fertility testing and banking handled prior to the start of the radiation process. Dr. Oh says that I should expect poor results on that test, which I must admit is a blow. I am experienced with having dreams put in serious jeopardy, but at the same time, I don't think it will ever get any easier to handle it.

Right. So, setup happens tomorrow followed by about a week and a half off, followed by 5 weeks of radiation therapy. I shall keep you posted as always.

Posted by Andy at March 15, 2006 07:52 PM to the News category

I'm glad it worked out to go to North Arundel. It seems like you were very comfortable there which is a major positive.

As for the fertility test expected to be "poor", all I can say is it only takes one to make a kid. I went through fertility treatment for three years trying to have a second child. Trust me, I know I'm blessed to have one. I'm sure your Mom and Dad can relate to that. I'll never forget the day when the doctor offhandedly remarked that I was a "poor responder" -- he meant that I was not generating enough ripe eggs in response to the medication -- but it was amazing how many hopes were dashed in that one comment. I cried and cried.

In my opinion, you're doing a great job of doing everything you can on your part, the rest is up to God. I believe it will work out. I hope you do too.

Posted by: Susan at March 16, 2006 07:04 AM


Just getting to read what is going on. I am glad you are not going to have to travel so much as well. That should help some although I am sure it is still not easy.

As for the fertility, I know coming from someone who has four children it may sound stupid but always keep hope. I went to a fertility clinic in Philadelphia six months before getting pregnant with Maureen and they flat out told me I would never get pregnant on my own. My mother even approached my sister to confirm that she would be willing to have a child for me when I was ready. Low and behold, six months later to some startling very unexpect results, we were pregnant with Maureen with three more to follow. The lord works in misterious ways.. You just never know..

You are in our prayers. Keep your chin up..

Posted by: Nicole at March 17, 2006 06:33 PM

True enough. I expect I'll get an actual report in a week or a bit more. Thanks for telling me your stories, guys. I don't think I really knew about your situations.

Posted by: Andy at March 17, 2006 08:15 PM

If you didn't read over on my page, I got a preliminary report (2 of the 3 samples tested) that shows me as normal. I am pleasantly surprised.

Posted by: Andy at March 24, 2006 08:37 PM
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