February 15, 2006

Double Dose of Good News

Well, the past hour has been rather eventful. Firstly and most importantly, Dr. Rowe (my CFS doc at Hopkins) got back to me with a preliminary report that suggests that the cancer may have been limited just to the right testis, which would mean it would be gone now. This is just an early indication and not thorough like the blood testing and CT scans will be, but it's a nice start.

Secondly, the blog has been updated to the latest version. This means everything is more stable now and we should have access to some more convenient features. I will get to investigating the new stuff and updating the pictures on the help page to match the new look when I am able, which won't be just yet. You can post and comment all you like from this point on. Ooh, I just found one handy new feature - you can assign multiple categories from a dropdown list just below the "Primary Category" section on the blog posting screen. That is a lot simpler than the old method, which I doubt any of you knew about anyway. Score one for confusion! Actually, the story of this upgrade is a really good one but I can't get into it here. If you are curious, send me an email and I'll explain.

Talk to you all soon.

Posted by Andy at February 15, 2006 06:37 PM to the News category

That's wonderful news, even if preliminary.....so glad to see you feeling better as well.

Posted by: Jim & Susanne at February 15, 2006 08:08 PM

Great preliminary report! We can hope for this to be a first step to a clean bill of health.

Glad you're enjoying the games.

I'll have to follow-up with you about the technical issues.


Posted by: Tom at February 15, 2006 09:24 PM

The more good news the better.

I'm wondering why Uncle Tom needs to see you later on technical issues? Is he saying he's technically challenged or is he a technical whiz-bang who is going to give you pointers? Inquiring minds want to know....

I think we should design a crazy survey for us to fill out so we can further the entertainment value of our site...That might really get us blogging....

Posted by: Susan at February 16, 2006 08:24 AM

AWESOME!!!! Keep the good news comming!!!

Posted by: mark at February 16, 2006 10:20 AM

I'm with Susan. Let's blog away! Whee!

Posted by: Mom at February 16, 2006 12:43 PM

Hey, Andy, That is great news. Still have to wait for blood markers,but if it was still encapsulated we can be very hopeful. OK, enough about you.....ha
i have to get some shoulder surgery next thursday and will be off work for at least two weeks. Figuring about a week to be allowed to drive again, that will put you about 3 weeks out of surgery and maybe stong enough to guide me in character building. It looks like your postponing the start of the game will allow me to join up if you haven't given my seat to someone else. Might give us both something to take our minds off of bodily difficulties.

Posted by: dave at February 16, 2006 01:09 PM

Let's see here...

Susan, I have actually tinkered with putting up some kind of poll in the past. I have never tried it but I think that it can't be too hard. I need a good topic though. I have considered self serving topics with an answer list that forces you in one direction, such as:

What draws you to this blog the most?
a) Andy's paralyzing super-genius.
b) I am enchanted by the earth-shaking creativity of the creator of this site.
c) I cannot resist Andy's rugged good looks and firefighter's physique.
d) Andy's paralyzing super-genius.

Throw topics at me and I'll see what I can find for the code part.

... and Dave, that sounds great. I have told people that we won't start till I know the results of my second blood test, which I would presumably get about one month from now. If that's clean we can likely start if recovery has progressed to the point where I'm my normal sick self again. :)

Posted by: Andy at February 16, 2006 01:29 PM

I definitely prefer choices a, b, c, & d. Or, wait a minute...was it b, a, d, & c. "Dear me, I am not certain quite that even now I've got it right..." Andy, these choices are just too hard. Golly, they all sound terrific. Oh dear, how can I ever choose?

Posted by: Mom at February 16, 2006 06:02 PM
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