June 15, 2005

Uncle Walter

When I attended my first Flahaven Thanksgiving at the Carrion's, Aunt Helen and Uncle Walter made me feel welcome and right at home. Walt immediately began sharing his dog stories with me and helped me to enjoy my visit. I will never forget the time that we accompanied them to Ocean City to fish from a head boat. (Oh, was I ever seasick!), but we still had a great time. When Andy came along, we were once again invited to visit at the ocean, where Aunt Helen gave Andy his first ride on the little boats at the amusement pier. We all stood their waving at him each time he circled around. Poor Andy just looked at us helplessly. (Or maybe he had already figured out that we were a little tetched. Tee hee!)

Walter had ready advice for us when Nugget joined our family, encouraging Skip to start training her early, (which advice Skip followed to the letter), making her a memorable pet, even if she never learned not to dig.

When Andy was young, and fascinated with airplanes and rocket ships, Uncle Walter gave him the replica of the space shuttle that was on his desk. (Andy still has it.) I am glad that I had a chance to know Uncle Walter, and will miss talking with him at family gatherings.

Love to all,

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