June 08, 2005

Family Contact

I received two emails from Michael Kent Mosmiller (goes by Kent) in the past month after he had seen the website. We all seem to be related but we're not entirely sure specifically how, so I'll post his messages here and you can comment with any additional info you might have.

Andy, I first must say I do not know you except we have the same last name. We must be related somehow because I am sure that all Mosmillers are related. We have six children on our side alone. Pasadena and Rivera Beach is where we used to spend summers at Aunt Hilda's along the waterfront. Uncle Herb was married to Hilda. They lived on Stony Creek. There are many Mosmillers in the Richmond area and I know they are related also. If you can, tell me what you know.

My father was Louis. Ed was his cousin. My grandmother was married twice and his half brother was Albert Goldbach. There is a John and Joseph Mosmiller as cousin's as well. Edward is the one that passed in the boat accident last year. His Dad was Edward as well and he lives in Tampa. I also have a brother Wayne and he has two son's Shane and Lance, They live in Pa. I have two son's Michael and Derrick who live in Baltimore. I was always under the impression there were two sides of this family, my grandfathers, which we are on and my grandfather's brothers side which you are on. Someone owned a store in Belair / Edgewood area called Mosmiller's Grocery Store. I think this was the family of Carol Mosmiller-Vidmar. I believe she works for Legg Mason. Anyhow my sister Gayle knows way more than I do about all this than I do.

I think he mixed up Sheila's name, but barring that I think we have some interesting information to work with here. If you'd care to get in direct contact I can link an email as well with his permission of course.

Posted by Andy at June 8, 2005 03:36 PM to the General category

I was born in Baltimore in 1947. My mother was Hilda Mosmiller Merkle of Riviera Beach Md. My father was Erwin Merkle and my sister is Beth and brother is Dick. My mother's sister.. Catherine Creed lived in Sunset Beach along with her husband Herbert and their four children.. Melanie, Herbie, Darlene and David Creed. Wayne Mosmiller is my cousin along with Kent and Gayle and the twins (who I really never knew as we moved to Florida in 1957. We have not had contact since then.

Posted by: Lynn Merkle Vorsatz at January 23, 2006 02:04 PM
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