August 07, 2005

Home Cookin' 6

I had 3 friends down to aid in the preparation of Tuna Tataki, which is another winner. We expected a lot more spice given the copious amounts of ginger called for in the recipe, but this dish turned out very mild and well balanced.

A note to any wishing to try this recipe - you can grate the ginger in a food processor, but be sure to have it cut against the grain. That means you'll want to cut off the little knobs and feed them in the proper direction to avoid stringiness. I can also recommend the frozen fish from Trader Joe's. Though the tuna lacked the brilliant color inherent in the fresh variety, the taste was excellent and we didn't have to search the county looking for fresh tuna. If any of you know a good place to get quality fresh fish, I want to know about it. One more point to note - if you try this recipe, do cook the fish as it recommends, leaving the center red. We were a little worried about trying this, but the fish is much more tender and tastes the same when done this way.

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