March 15, 2005

Convey Me to Some Peaceful Shore

I never really listened to pop music of any kind, except for maybe half a year in 8th grade. I figure, when you can listen to something like this, what's the point of listening to anything else? The link at the bottom of the text should play the piece. If it doesn't, please let me know.

Calm though my soul, kind Isis,
with a noble scorn of life,
ideal joys, and momentary pains,
that flatter, or disturb this waking dream.

Convey me to some peaceful shore,
where no tumultuous billows roar,
where life, though joyless, still is calm,
and sweet content is sorrow's balm.
There, free from pomp and care to wait,
forgetting and forgot, the will of fate.

Calm thou my soul ... Convey me to some peaceful shore
Alexander Balus
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