October 18, 2006

iPod aCtion

I've spent the past three or so days copying all of my music from CDs to my computer for use with my shiny new (new = refurbished) iPod. Woo! Well, not quite "woo" yet, but we're getting there. This is a lot of work, and iTunes, the software designed for use with an iPod, is not super friendly with classical music.

I'm realizing how much I love listening to the music I own. Whenever I test out something on the iPod to see if the volume is set properly or if the quality is good, I have to force myself to stop listening. The same goes for anything that starts playing when I'm transferring from CD to hard disk. Great stuff.

Any iPod experts out there? I could use your help.

Posted by Andy at October 18, 2006 09:39 PM to the Music category
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