September 23, 2006

Class Reunion

My 10 year high school reunion was tonight. Interesting night I suppose. It was about what I expected, meaning that most of the people who I knew from classes or extracurricular activities were not there. A few were, and I talked briefly with a few others, but most of my night was spent sitting and staring into space more or less. Fortunately, I can do that without feeling self conscious.

The turn out was pretty good thanks to a lot of hard work by Lisa Williar and I suspect Erik Robey as well. Their hard work will not go unappreciated on this blog. They also worked to accomodate my need for a ride home, and John Jenkins stepped up to fill that void.

I am happy I made it through the evening without incident. I went into it in a state where I would normally cancel whatever I had planned, but I knew this was a one-shot with no repeats, so I went for it anyway. There is a reasonable degree of probability that I will pay for this one for a while, but then again, maybe the increased recovery rate I have enjoyed this summer will kick in and get me back up and running in no time.

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