August 14, 2006

This Trip is Working Pretty Well

At about the 3 week point, I must say I'm feeling good. Great, really, by my standards. Yesterday I washed up some dishes, checked through a backlog of mail that had piled up over a few days of not feeling up to it, worked on my design website, cooked dinner (which took a while), and still had the wherewithal to gain about 10 levels with my healer paladin "Holy Cow" in a Diablo 2 user mod with a gamer friend of mine living in Kentucky. I am usually really hard pressed to have fun and work within the same day, because the pacing of the day gets ahead of me. I felt that pressure yesterday, but not enough to stop or hurt me ultimately. Were it not for my "no work on Sundays" rule, I would have likely done the same today, and in any case, today was a good day too. I feel good knowing that my "core attitude" is still in place, and that it takes very little for me to be content. Sometimes that can be hard to discern when I'm faced with months of punishing health problems.

I think the consistent weather has really been helping me out of late. Despite having to deal with the same old standing problems and aligntment issues, I'm bouncing back really well. It's been a long time coming I might add, because I haven't had a good summer for 3 years at least. I hope this good streak continues, and that I can move into the little house next door, sign up for school, and finish my sites before time itself ends. Either way, I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

Posted by Andy at August 14, 2006 12:05 AM to the Health category
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