August 08, 2006

CNN is Ridiculous

As usual, I listened/watched both CNN and Fox News during my rest period after breakfast this morning. Both networks are giving some airtime to the Lieberman/Lemont Senate race since this is voting day and Lieberman's website was hacked. Here's what CNN reported in a segment about 10 minutes ago:

  • Lieberman's website is down, and his campaign blames Ned Lemont's supporters.
  • Lemont says it wasn't his people.
  • The Daily Kos website is pointing to specific lines on the page that is being displayed and saying that Lieberman's camp may not have paid their hosting bill. CNN closed the segment with this element.

What CNN is not reporting:

  • The Daily Kos personnel have been featured prominently and in person in at least one Ned Lemont commercial.
  • Ned Lemont's supporters have employed dirty tricks before.

I won't even get into the CNN interview a half hour earlier during which an "expert" on the Mid-East crisis goes unchallenged in his view that destructive American and Israeli policies are a factor in the political climate in Lebanon. Which policies? Name a few, won't you?

Give me a break.

Posted by Andy at August 8, 2006 02:12 PM to the Politics category

That's why if I read the news I usually go to the BBC Website and check it against the US news outlets. I won't say they're totally unbiased, but it's still interesting, and often more objective, to get a perspective from outside the US. (Pertaining to this particular issue, they have nothing on the Website hacking--they're just reporting on Lieberman running as an Independent. Just in general, I like to see what Auntie Beeb has to say.)

I've paid little attention to the Lieberman/Lamont thing, so I'm curious... what other dirty tricks have Lamont's supporters played? According to what source?

For the record, I generally respect Lieberman... don't support his support for the war but he's a strong and smart politician. I know little about Lamont.

Posted by: DQ at August 10, 2006 11:43 AM

Ha, the only sources I can find you right now definitely have agendas. At the same time, the stuff that was said isn't being disputed by anybody. It's more an issue of who talks about it and who doesn't. Here's one link found after a not so thorough search:

Liberal McCarthyism by Lanny J. Davis

Posted by: Andy at August 10, 2006 11:57 PM

Thanks for the link--a very interesting read. This guy seems to think a lot on the same lines I do. I get very sick of both sides performing the same behavior they criticize in others.

No "dirty tricks" listed but I can see how these arguments get ridiculously out of hand. Not touching the Israel argument at the moment with a long pole--not today.

Posted by: DQ at August 11, 2006 12:48 PM

We might just be experiencing a minor language gap between "dirty tricks" and "foul and inappropriate comments."

The Israel discussion is a worthy one. Though my language was strong in my initial post, I did not mean to imply that Israel must therefore be entirely innocent of any wrong-doing. The follow-up question simply had to be asked, and was not.

Posted by: Andy at August 11, 2006 02:16 PM

Yes, I think there was a miscommunication there--but I understand.

The Israel discussion _is_ worthy--just not an issue I was wanting to bring up in brief comments on a blog. In fora like this I tend to generalize or touch on an issue far too briefly, leading to further misunderstandings rather than valuable discussion.

Posted by: DQ at August 13, 2006 01:42 PM
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