July 02, 2006

Long but Enjoyable Day

To cap off a way-too-busy week that began with a health crash, I went with a group of friends to see another friend perform in a musical down at the Annapolis Summer Garden Theater. I was pretty worried going in, but I don't get to see people that often most of the time, and I don't expect this group will be around the area for more than another couple of years, so I figured I had to try.

I'm glad I did. Though I was totally exhausted going into (and obviously coming out of) the day, I had a good time with some good people, and even saw a good show, which I have to admit came as something of a surprise. I've been to my share of dubious shows at the Summer Garden Theater and have even left halfway through at least once. On top of that, the show in which my friend Cat performed was called Urinetown. It turned out to be quite funny in my estimation, though it was not surprisingly rather crass. The singing was ok and the acting was great with maybe one minor exception. Even the seats had arms and were fairly comfortable, which is a pretty big deal for me these days.

We actually met to eat fairly early so that Cat could get to her rehearsal before the show. That meant we had a few hours to kill in Annapolis before show time. Thanks to a handy fold-out hiking chair brought along by my friend Pat, I was able to pass the time with everyone without hurting myself nearly as much as I expected.

All told, a fun day. I haven't been as tired as I am right now for a good while, but I hope to bounce back relatively quickly with the help of a few physical therapy-ish treatment today. If I don't recover so easily, then it was still a fun day, eh?

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