June 28, 2006

Speaking of Pikmin

I actually beat the game a few nights ago but was too tired to post about it. That final boss was crazy. Crazy I say!

Over the course of the game, I unlocked a few new features, including a 2 player cooperative challenge mode and some great commentary by Louie in the "Piklopedia." Yes, there is a Piklopedia. It's great. You can read about all the monsters you encounter there and test their behavior with Pikpik brand carrots. Louie contributes with cooking suggestions for each. It's brilliant.

I thought I would be putting the game aside for a while, but it turns out that challenge mode is pretty fun. Lots of new stuff to handle there, and a movie to unlock in theory. If only Wimbledon hadn't started this week...

Posted by Andy at June 28, 2006 04:20 PM to the Games category
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