April 11, 2006

Zap x11

My experience at Tate today was less than stellar. Given my problems recently with long waits, I called ahead to see if they were on schedule. I was informed that they were in fact a half hour behind, so I went in a half hour later than usual. Once I arrived, I had to wait quite a while for an older woman to be treated first, and once I got into the room, I was chided for being late and informed that, had I arrived on time, I would have been taken right back. When I informed the crew that I had called ahead and been told to come late, one of them said, "don't call ahead," despite the fact that everyone has told me to do exactly that. Somewhere along the line, someone at Tate dropped the ball, and I took the blame. Not happy. I stood up for myself, but I now have no clue what procedure is actually the correct one.

I had originally planned to follow through on a new blood work order tomorrow after my treatment, but decided to get it done today given the fact that my schedule was already thrown. I was lost in the shuffle there for about a half hour before someone realized I had signed in and was waiting.

Once I was out of there things went more or less as expected. I got my osteopathic treatment in Annapolis and grabbed some steak at the nearby Outback before coming home. I do believe I shall pop in some Battlestar Galactica to finish out the evening.

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