April 10, 2006

Zap x10

Today was a long one. My appointment was scheduled for 1:45. I got out of there at 3:40. Apparently the radiation team had to move someone ahead in order to compensate for another treatment that person had just received or something. Monday is also "doctor day" as I have previously mentioned, so that kept me in the building longer as well.

The bottom line is that I am extremely tired. On the positive side of things, I found out today that I have to get the original 20 treatments, not 25 as I had assumed from the order to treat for 5 weeks. Apparently Dr. Oh was factoring in my starting on a Tuesday, thus requiring bleed-over into a 5th week. That means I'm at the half way mark today. Woo!

Posted by Andy at April 10, 2006 04:39 PM to the Health category
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