April 01, 2006

Good Recoup Day

The problems of yesterday definitely bled into today, with the exception of the somewhat more intense nausea I had felt. Lucky for me, Mei came down in the afternoon and hung out till pretty late, so I didn't notice. We started off with a test run of Pikmin 2's two-player battle mode. Much emotional scarring occurred as planned.

We spent the rest of the day watching Battlestar Galactica, specifically the miniseries that started off the new version of the show. After a Pizza Hut pickup and chow-down, we tried out some anime (the name escapes me), which looked interesting but was confusing due to us jumping in half way through. Mei headed out after we strategically missed the ending of said anime by talking through it. Oh well. Hopefully it'll be on again in a few days.

Thanks for coming, Mei! The difficulty of the drive is certainly not lost on me, and it means an awful lot that you'd make the trip anyway. I have already planned that you and Heather will be the first to benefit from my rent-a-pultâ„¢ once I get a prototype built.

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