March 26, 2006

Treated but Hurtin'

Mom and I got Trager massage and nutritional IV treatments again today (we're doing it every week to help counteract everything going on.) The treatment was fine, but I'm having big problems with one of my toes. The nail bed is inflamed and it's kinda hard to walk today. On the plus side, the problem is years old, but nobody had ever diagnosed (it seems to be paronychia) it till today. Now I might be able to actually fix it if I can get the right medicine.

In terms of my surgery and non-stop appointment recovery, I'm doing a little bit better now. I am still feeling the need to recline for a good while early in the day, but I seem to be able to sit up fine later at night without paying for it. I did so last night and played a little bit of Morrowind after a long hiatus from the game. (I'm a lizard-man named Sssteve.)

My mind has also been pretty clear. It's going to take some time to experiment, but I may actually benefit long-term from reclining earlier and sitting up later. Maybe it will allow me to do something more constructive with my time in a more consistent way. It's just a theory, but I'm going to keep it in mind.

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