March 22, 2006

Bored but Restful

Today was another one of those searching for something to do while in a reclining chair that won't take too much energy days. I got my mom playing Diablo 2 a bit, but she has the flu right now and is mostly sleeping. I did successfully resist the urge to check friends' sites 3 or 4 times despite the near-certainty that no new content is posted. (Yes, I do that sometimes. Email too.) Other than that, I just watched TV and the like.

It's not quite what I'm wanting, I know that much. I used to manage to be fairly content with my activities given the nature of my health, but that isn't really true anymore, even when I'm in the middle of cancer treatment. I suppose I feel like 10 years is long enough to be in a holding pattern. I hope I can use this discontent somehow to rise out of it, but there are a lot of barriers in the way. I may have said all of this before. I can't remember.

In the grand scheme, today wasn't a bad day or anything. Just kinda pointless. Looking toward the next month and a half, I did get more rest before starting in on radiation. That won't hurt I imagine. I wish this TV served better as a monitor so I could at least get some bigger web updates completed for my community, or maybe play around with a design for a business site of my own. Not yet, not yet.

I think I'll watch another episode of Firefly before an early bedtime. My last fertility appointment is tomorrow. I'll be happy when that is out of the way.

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