March 18, 2006

TV Help

As you know, I am rather laid up at the moment, but using my Reclining Command Centerâ„¢ to maximum advantage. I even got the picture in picture working so I can watch the NCAA tournament while writing this post! I am, however, not satisfied with the picture quality of the tv when using it as a monitor. There are faint vertical lines, issues with text readability, and darker spots where the screen would be black on both sides in normal 4:3 ratio TV mode. In addition, I need to set up the sound to come through the tv, not my speakers, which means I need audio cabling.

Is there anybody who could help me solve these problems? It takes a lot out of me to do anything like this right now, but I'm using it constantly. I would of course pay for whatever cables were required if it turned out mine were not working properly. I just don't know enough about this.

Posted by Andy at March 18, 2006 04:18 PM to the Computers category
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