December 17, 2005

White Christmas

... and now, not a half hour removed from family happenings at Dave and Terry's, I am sitting down to watch White Christmas, which I do every year around this time. What better way to celebrate Christmas than with gratuitous song and dance numbers?

Come to think of it, White Christmas is an incredibly educational film. Here's what I've learned over the years:

  • All women go to bed wearing shiny red lipstick.
  • A woman's waistline measures 3 inches in circumference on average.
  • If I am undergoing some sort of personal crisis and happen to be in a stage company, I can be confident there will be sets and backup dancers on hand designed to help me sing my way through the crisis. If these sets are not immediately available they will be constructed in less than 24 hours.
  • If I want to get married, all I have to do is sing my prospective fianc´┐Że a song and give her a glass of milk. This will work even if I have only known her for a few days, and good relations from the outset are irrelevant.

Are there other choice bits of wisdom you have gleaned from this classic? Enlighten me by leaving a comment.

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