December 14, 2005

Christmas Concert Aftermath

So, now that I've reviewed the concert itself, let me tell you what happened on the way home... Mom and I took the light rail to the Meyerhoff to avoid parking and all, and on the way home we were burned pretty hard by that decision. Unexpectedly, we had a wait about 10 minutes for the outgoing train from the concert hall, but to the surprise of the few of us on board, the train broke down at Camden Yards. We were thus stuck in the dark for at least a half hour while the conductor tried the various means at his disposal to fix the problem and then call for another train to pick us up. For a while he was unable to open the doors, but eventually we transferred to a train heading for BWI. As a result, we had to disembark in Linthicum and wait standing another 20+ minutes in the cold for the train that would finally take us back to Cromwell Station. We were even offered an opportunity to buy a pocket knife from an unkept fellow during our stopover, at which point mom began praying fervently for a safe conclusion to our evening.

We did finally make it home in one piece, but I am seriously worried about the rest of the week. I have an appointment in Severna Park tomorrow followed by an extremely important appointment with a new doc in Reston Virginia, easily two hours from here. As you all probably know by now, I don't handle car rides well at all, and tonight's debacle could jeopardize won't help that one bit. On Saturday I hope to attend a family Christmas gathering here in Pasadena, but who knows where I will land after today. Say a prayer for me if you read this.

Posted by Andy at December 14, 2005 12:42 AM to the General category & Health category

You went to the Meyerhoff!? Kickass!

How often do you go up there anyway? I've been thinking about catching a concert (preferably Beethoven, Mozart, etc.) there for quite some time now. If you're ever interested in seeing another show, I'd love to join you.

Posted by: Joe Lex at December 17, 2005 01:37 AM

Now that is a good idea. This is the first trip I have made for probably 5+ years. Last time I was up there I had some pretty big health problems as a result of the cramped seating, but this time everything went ok in terms of getting through the concert, so I am not as afraid to try again. I have made some adaptations since that last time to handle this kind of thing better.

Check out a schedule and see what looks good. I know there is a baroque concert before too long, but I haven't looked at their season lineup.

Posted by: Andy at December 17, 2005 11:53 AM
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