November 26, 2005

Harry Potter 4

I just got back from seeing the latest Harry Potter installment with 3 friends of mine. We were turned away from Hoyts but luckily found a compatible time at Arundel Mills, which was a rather surprising reversal of our expectations. In any case, we arrived for our 9:15 showing without any other hitches.

In the end, I found this film to be rather disappointing. The action scenes were excellent, but I feel they compromised a depth of story to facilitate longer length in those action sequences. The acting suffered in some parts as well and tended towards the melodramatic, particularly near the end. I imagine I'll be seeing this with mom fairly soon, so perhaps I will change my tune with a second viewing. Maybe I was just too tired to see this and like it today or something.

Posted by Andy at November 26, 2005 01:07 AM to the TV and Movies category
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