November 18, 2005

Big Meeting

Today was a very difficult day, but I hope value may come of it. At 2:00 this afternoon we had a meeting in Finksburg (about an hour north) with the head of Catastrophic Health Planners, an organization focused on helping people like me into better situations, and for no money to boot.

The meeting started well with Mr. Lou Yeager describing the various problems each of us face and then explaining how a restructuring of our financial holdings could help me in the long run. After about an hour though, it just became the same speech over and over. My questions about diet concerns and the like were met with single-minded focus on Lou's plan outlined at the outset, and his answers were at times preachy, and at others downright insulting with no regard for the nuances of my situation. A few times he contradicted himself in terms of his attitude towards facing health problems. I cannot say I was ever afforded a chance to explain those nuances due to his approach. By the end of the meeting, we were instructed to form a plan over the weekend and contact them next week, despite the fact that we don't really have the information needed to form such a plan, regardless of my efforts to obtain it.

So now I'm home and probably shot for several days or more, which means I'll have to deal with frustration and anger with energy I simply don't have (nothing new here). I am going to try to drive this financial plan and hopefully get something done about the little house next door, but all with a sour taste in my mouth.

I cannot say I particularly like Mr. Yeager after today, but I will try to heed his advice in areas in which he clearly has experience. The problem is, can I trust his judgment based on the second half of our meeting? It could turn out that his devotion to a certain methodology is entirely misguided, but I don't have the resources to prove or disprove that notion.

I welcome advice on any or all of this. If you work in a financial field, maybe you can help me figure out whether or not to sign on for this plan. I can't give you a ton of detail now but I know some and will be learning more soon enough. If you're not into finances that's ok too. This whole situation is complicated and troubling, so I could use any advice you may have.


Posted by Andy at November 18, 2005 09:53 PM to the Health category

Hi Andy,

I've signed up at your website and cannot log in?

Please listen to the advice give by the many members on Friends. Doesn't sound just right to me either!

How can you forumulate a plan and not have the tools to do this with? There are many websites out there waiting to sucker you in. Be very careful.

As far as you parents being "enablers"..HOG WASH!!
Have you discussed this, with anyone in the finanical field?

Don't feel desperate...that's, when you are most
vunerable to people like this. Let me know, how
everything turns out. Trust your "gut feelings."

Friends hug, Sara (time2heal)

Posted by: SARA at November 19, 2005 10:26 PM

I appreciate your input. I'm going slowly with this for sure.

Posted by: Andy at November 19, 2005 11:42 PM
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