February 21, 2005


Web design is an interesting beast. One one hand, it is very easy to learn how to make a web page in a fairly short time, but on the other, it takes a hefty amount of skill to get pages to display properly on all computers in an attractive way.

The large majority of people using the internet view web pages through Microsoft Internet Explorer. People using aol are actually using Internet Explorer as well, though it does not look like it on the surface. The trouble is, Internet Explorer is very bad at following the rules for displaying web pages, so people who want most people to be able to view their pages properly must learn to apply weird methods to get the browser to cooperate.

I have been working on a new page for a friend of mine running for office this week. (You can view the final page here.) I came up with the design very quickly given the typical creative flow, for lack of a better term, but had a whale of a time getting it to display properly once I started putting it on the net. Thankfully, I am subscribed to a newsgroup which discusses just this kind of issue and obtained help in short order from a number of the group's members, most notably a Norwegian fellow named Gunlaug S�rtun. He was able to apply a number of tricks to my code to get the page in the form you see above. He has talked with me about a number of issues in the past as well, and always seems to have something useful to add to my web coding knowledge. Thanks Gunlaug!

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