Each region on Eresetu carries with it an associated language. Those available for starting characters appear below:

  • Atepeshite
  • Elven
  • Giant
  • Halmar
  • Keldari Trade
  • Kobold
  • Tuireadhan
  • Ulmec

Each language exists in a written form bearing the same name with the exception of Atepeshite, which may be written out in two separate ways. Hieratic is the script known by the educated masses, and Hieroglyphic decorates the walls of temples and is known only to priests of Atep. Others may learn to read Hieroglyphic at the cost of one language, assuming they can find someone willing to teach them. Writing in Hieroglyphics requires a DC 10 Profession (scribe) check to convey ordinary meanings.



Each character begins play with two free skill points which must be assigned to a trade skill useful for making an ordinary living, such as Profession or Craft. Characters with intelligence bonuses sufficient to learn additional languages may instead apply their knowledge to the skill to which they assigned these two points. For each bonus language forsaken, the character may add 1 point to the chosen skill up to a maximum of four ranks at first level.

Knowledge (nobility and royalty) is replaced by Knowledge (politics and nobility).

In the Tanglewood Forest, Craft (blacksmithing) is replaced by Craft (treesinging) and Craft (leatherworking) is replaced by Craft (leafweaving).

A character with 5 ranks in Profession (scribe) gains a synergy bonus to Profession (cartographer).




Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You may use the spear in one hand.
Normal: The spear requires two hands to use effectively.
Special: In order to set the spear to receive a charge, you must use both hands on the spear. Those using a spear and shield may forgo their shield bonus for one round as part of their readied action in order to set the spear against a charge without dropping the shield.
A fighter may select Spear Mastery as one of his fighter bonus feats.


House Rules

  1. The attack penalty and AC bonuses for the Combat Expertise feat are limited only by a character's base attack bonus instead of the standard 5 point cap. This helps compensate for the lack of heavy armor throughout Eresetu.
  2. Atepeshite sorcerers replace the requirements for the Disguise Spell feat from the Complete Adventurer with these: Bluff 9 ranks, Sleight of Hand 3 ranks, Arcane spellcaster 1st.
  3. The Natural Spell feat becomes a metamagic feat, and is subject to the 3/day variant rule outlined below. In accordance with this variant, a character may only employ this feat on spells of at least two levels below his or her maximum spell level.
  4. The Persistent Spell feat will not be available in this campaign, nor will any Divine Metamagic feats.
  5. Toughness is replaced by Improved Toughness for bonuses and requirements.
  6. Tower shields may be used to execute shield bashes. Those doing so use the attack statistics for a heavy shield, but suffer an additional -2 penalty to hit due to the encumbrance of the shield.
  7. Characters fighting with a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other may attack with the shield as if they possessed the Two-weapon Fighting feat even if they do not qualify for it normally. The shield is always considered to be in the off-hand.
    Example: Karkhemish the Atepeshite employs a khopesh and a medium shield. If he chooses to attack with both his khopesh and shield, he suffers only a -4 penalty to both attacks as if he possessed the Two-weapon fighting feat. If Karkhemish later switches to a light shield, the penalties are reduced to -2 for both attacks. Should he later learn the use of the tower shield and employ one with his khopesh, both attacks suffer a -6 penalty to hit, -4 for fighting with two weapons and an additional -2 for using a tower shield.
  8. Druids must apply any statistical age penalties to their wildshape forms.
  9. Characters may make a Profession (cartography) check in order to map a cavern, dungeon, or other world environment, with the DC increasing for the area's complexity. If successful, this check allows the character to backtrack through explored areas without any difficulty. Typically, characters creating maps with this skill have a solid understanding of where they are, but should the situation warrant, it provides a +4 circumstance bonus to Survival checks to avoid getting lost. This check may be made untrained.
  10. Players and monsters alike will make use of the "daily uses" metamagic variant found on page 152 of Unearthed Arcana. This allows characters with the appropriate metamagic feats to apply them freely three times per day on any spell up to the their maximum level minus the level adjustment of the metamagic feat in question. If a character wishes to use a given metamagic feat more than three times per day, he may purchase the feat additional times, adding three uses each time.
  11. In order to encourage roleplaying, players will receive a 2.5% bonus on weekly experience for roleplaying posts on this site, and an additional 2.5% bonus for creative combat exposition in each game. Additional bonuses may be awarded for cleverness and good roleplaying at other times.
  12. Players are responsible for their own gear and numerical accuracy. If you forget to write down an item and no one can remember the exact details of that item, you are out of luck. The same goes for experience totals, in-game information, and the like.